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Welcome to The Jewish Learning Exchange, a warm, welcoming Educational Center and Synagogue for Jews from all walks of life. The JLE is an active congregation devoted to the enrichment of Jewish life, closeness to G-d, and cherished friendships within our community.

The JLE offers an array of programs and services to meet the vast needs of the community. This includes ongoing complimentary classes, an extensive Judaica Library, guest lecturers, Question and Answer sessions, counseling, Holiday and Shabbat user-friendly services, and community events.

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Rabbi Czapnik,

I just want to say thank you AGAIN for the light you have shined into my life and the lives of so many others.  I can’t believe I am really learning Hebrew! I can’t believe how many words I know. It makes me really emotional, in a good way.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,


I asked someone at an Orthodox Shul (Synagogue) where to take classes and they said JLE. I went to JLE for the classes. I did not know what to expect. The classes were amazing and the Rabbis were so friendly.  The building was beautiful. Rabbi Czapnik made the services and schedule so easy to understand. His speeches were so moving and inspirational and his heart came out in all that he said. He is the most kind-hearted and sensitive Rabbi I have ever met. He was very open to questions, meetings, new thoughts and reviewing your overall practice of religion. He never made anyone feel unimportant or not cared for. He treated each person like a part of his family. Rabbi Czapnik helped me with personal struggles and it changed my life perspective to be healthier. I will never forget how he helped me with spiritual guidance and raised my level of observance. He always made an effort in every way to listen, be kind, pay attention, help, give advice or just let me know that he is there at all times. What an amazing journey thanks to his efforts and hard work.

I was so blessed to find JLE and hope that I can send others to JLE in the future.

Thank you so much!


Dear Rabbi Czapnik,

We will always have hakaras hatov (gratitude) to you and the JLE for the warm and welcoming Shul home you provided for us as new baalei teshuva back in 1988-1990. It was a perfect fit for us then and in subsequent trips to LA. The davening was and is very special there. May you have continued success and may we merit to meet in Yerushalayim (Jerusalem) with the imminent arrival of Moshiach!

All the best,

Avraham F.

Thank you Rabbi Czapnik, for helping me and so many others study Torah.

Malka G.

Dear Rabbi Czapnik,

I don’t think I have ever thanked you for everything you did for me. After you helped me get my life back in order, I never really kept the relationship. I never kept you in my family like you kept me in yours. You more than brought me back to Yiddishkeit (Judaism); you gave me a family too – your family. I always felt so at home.

With gratitude and blessing,


Thank you Rabbi Czapnik for your thoughtful words and your kindness in setting me on the path that has led me to where I stand today.


Rabbi, I’ve been at the library over the course of the past couple of months. The Daily Dose of Torah volumes are terrific. The library in general is so rich.


I just wanted to relate our thanks to all those who had a part in this new endeavor of the Friday night seuda (dinner); those who suggested, financed made the arrangements and more. I’m sure everybody that attended – from young to old – greatly enjoyed it; the atmosphere, camaraderie, the delicious and plentiful food, the Divrei Torah. It allowed all those who enjoy davening together to share in a relaxed way each other’s company, getting to know each other better – and hopefully putting the restrictions of the Covid days now all behind us.

I think it was a huge success and would be happy if this would be the first of many – perhaps on a yearly basis.

Thank you,

Shoshana H.

Thank you Rabbi Czapnik for all your wisdom over the years.

Judy R.

Rabbi Czapnik, thank you for another meaningful High Holiday Service. Your words and the words of the other Rabbis always inspire me to grow in my Judaism and in my character. Thank you for all the honors. All the best.


Rabbi Czapnik, your weekly Torah videos are always filled with wisdom, kindness and gentle strength.

Rachel M.

Thank you very much for all the input that you gave towards our wedding. Thank you from before it all began, for the guidance you gave, for coming to our wedding, hosting sheva brachos, and more… The Gemara says it takes three partners to have a child; Hashem, the father, and the mother. In our family, there is a fourth partner: Rabbi and Mrs. Czapnik. Thank you for guiding and shaping my family.

Yoseph R.

Thank you very much for helping provide me and my wife with such a meaningful Yom Kippur experience. Baruch HaShem for JLE…. it is a truly special and holy place… so warm, so welcoming, and so giving. And what makes it special are you all! I’m so happy to call it our home in La Brea!

Koby R.

Thank you Rabbi Czapnik for all the years of teaching and giving. I will always treasure the time you gave us when my kids were little in Hidden Hills. Your influence, your stories, your wisdom. I want you to know the far-reaching and meaningful effect you have had (and continue to have) on myself, my children… It is most certainly because of you that I started keeping a Kosher home (which I continue to do & love doing!) Because of you, I discovered the joy of “learning” about my heritage and Torah. When I think of you, I get a very big smile on my face. Thank you!

Lauren P.

What an incredible miracle to be able to read the blessings in Hebrew and light candles in a menorah for the first time ever in my entire life tonight! I cannot thank you enough.

Rachel K.

Thank you Rabbi Czapnik and the JLE for warm and meaningful High Holiday services. There were a few thoughts in your discussion which were especially meaningful. And Dr. Goldman’s thought about focusing on one’s role now was fantastic. Most importantly, thank you for guiding me in my growth as an enthusiastic and committed Jew!

Ted C.

Thank you Rabbi Czapnik for the beautiful class today and the touching song about Mother Rachel. Your guidance is really important to so many of us. We are so thankful for you. Thank G-D we have you as our teacher. 🙂

Mar F.

Thank you for the inspirational and practical drasha (sermon) this morning. I applied the “I have a choice” almost immediately. I got caught in the rain this afternoon and chose to enjoy the experience… and not even care that the shaitel (wig) got wet! When ladies saw me and felt badly, I joked and said, “I’d wondered when to have the shaitel (wig) done again… I guess I know now!”

Leah H.

I have endless appreciation for Rabbi and Mrs. Czapnik; selfless, humble, caring leaders of JLE. They go above and beyond their job duties and ensure that I and all JLE members feel the warmth of Yiddishkeit (Judaism) and connection to Hashem (G-d). They truly embrace individuals from all walks of life and provide constant guidance, support and nurture. Their deep understanding of humankind coupled with their unconditional love for all makes them approachable for all to reach out. Thank you for building a comfortable, supportive Shul!

Michael R.

My humble beginnings were in the JLE at the older shul.
I have tremendous hakaras hatov (gratitude) to those who assisted me.

Rivka Y.

JLE is a place where all feel welcome and cherished. The programming is inclusive no matter your background. Shabbos at JLE is one of song and togetherness and countless individuals make their way to the Rabbi and Rebbetzin’s home for enjoyable, delicious and uplifting meals. I am proud to be a part of JLE, an oasis of growth, friendship and kindness. Thank you for all you do for me and for so many others. May the Almighty repay you for your devotion to His children.

Stacy G.

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