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  • Holiday we received the Torah!

Word of G-d

Most important document

Entire Jewish people experienced!

  • Begins on the 6th day of the month of Sivan

This year begins on Saturday evening, June 4th,  (directly after Shabbos)  until Monday night, June 6th.

  • Work Restrictions

No driving

No work

No turning on/off lights, etc.

Similar to Shabbat with work prohibitions-39 Categories of Labor with some important differences- One can cook and bake as needed for holiday; One can carry outdoors as needed for holiday; One can kindle fire from a pre-existing flame

 Candle Lighting

1st night, Saturday evening at 8:46p.m. or later, Los Angeles time, say “Boruch Hamavdil Bein Kodesh L’Kodesh” (“Blessed is the One who separated between the Holy to the Holy”), then light from a pre-existing flame at 8:46p.m. or later, Los Angeles time, blessing for holiday (In ArtScroll prayerbook shaded area, page 296) and blessing of “Shehecheyanu”(kept us alive)

2nd night’s lighting, Sunday night, from a pre-existing flame at 8:47p.m. or later.

  • Joy of Holiday

Festive Holiday Meal

2 meals a day, one at night and one during day

– Table set beautifully

– Wine

– Challah, 2 per meal

– Fish

– Meat

Kiddush (Sanctification of Day with wine) on both Saturday night and Sunday night page 658

-Add Shavuot insert

-First night – code name Yaknahaz – Wine, sanctification, candle, separation and time

-Add Shecheyanu blessing (kept us alive…)

Grace after Meals – page 184

– Holiday insert for Shavuot shaded area page 190

Shabbat clothing

Jewelry – women

Snacks for kids

  • Prayers

Similar to other major holidays – Silent devotion page 660 with special Shavuot insert.

During the day-say full Hallel (Psalms of Praise) page 632 after morning devotion

Torah Reading

Before reading:

On 1st day read letter of Akdamus (Page 714)

On 2nd day read Megillah of Rus (Book of Ruth)


1st day about receiving Torah in Exodus 19

2nd day about holidays Deuteronomy 15:19

Yizkor – Memorial Service 2nd day (Monday morning)

-Pledge charity

-24-hour Candle lit Sunday before night from a pre-existing flame

Holiday supplemental service page 674

– Inserts for Shavuos

Birchas Kohanim – Priestly Blessings page 692

At conclusion of Holiday (Monday night after 8:47pm) say abridged Havdalah Ceremony

page 618-620.  Just blessing on wine and concluding paragraph. No introduction, spices, or fire.

Kiddush Levana

Customs of the Holiday

Decorate home and synagogue with greens, branches and flowers

Stay up all night studying Torah! (Saturday night)


Eat some dairy products on Shavuot


If you have any questions, please call me at the Jewish Learning Exchange at 323.857.0923

Chag Sameach (Happy Holiday!)

Rabbi Avrohom Czapnik