“If you follow My decrees…” (Vayikra 26:3)

By: Rabbi Avrohom Czapnik


IF is a word of immense power

IF I know I am a soul with infinite potential

IF I understand that at every moment I have choices to make

IF I look to find opportunities that come my way

IF I know I’m not locked into my past history or habits

IF I know I can change and grow

IF I look to use my time well

IF I choose what is right regardless of what others think

IF I can relate to all people with respect and kindness

IF I can reach for the stars but keep my feet on the ground

IF I can cherish every moment of life

IF I know if I fail I should keep on trying

IF I can stand tall yet remain humble

IF I can see G-d’s Hand in my life

IF I can aspire to make every moment a special memory

IF I can steal moments for extra Prayer, Torah Study and Acts of Kindness

IF I look to see the beauty of G-d’s creations

IF I can recognize my own potential

IF is indeed a word of immense power!